Sailing Instruction, Education and Day Sails

Join the amazing group of friends that I have already mentored and taught how to sail!  Sailing teaches you about life, builds confidence and most importantly is a lot of fun!  So feel free to join in!  I teach all  ages but you have to be with an adult if you are under the age of 12.  Generally charting and instruction run around $100-$150 for 2 hours.  Also feel free to join one of the sailing social group sails!   Email for more information!  
*Please ask about our REACH and STEM program for homeschooling and education! Scroll down for an overview!*

HOW TO SAIL: Click Here for video A quick overview on what to do on the water!  From the pro!

STEM and being on a sailboat Module:
 Module Title Investigative Question Module 1 Measuring Wind “How can we use the wind if we can’t see it?” Module 2 Buoyancy “How does this boat float?” Module 3 Sail Area and Perimeter “What shape are sails and why?” Module 4 Simple Machines on Sailboats “Why do boats have all these ropes and pulleys?” Module 5 Water Quality Testing “What is happening in the water out there?” Module 6 Marine Debris “How does marine debris get in our waters and where does it go?” Module 7 Upwind Sailing Angles “How does geometry affect my sailing?” Module 8 Land and Sea Breezes “Why does the wind change as the day progresses?” Module 9 Wind Power “How is wind used as power?” Module 10 Underwater Exploration “How can we learn more about our sailing environment?”

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